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The new season of damages is showing symptoms of having been taken over by a content provider who has never done content production before. Season four is marked by a lack of “edginess”, less complexity in character development, and a recycling of certain storytelling mechanisms used in prior seasons : evil corporate executive is the target of Ellen’s next big case, complete with out of control lackey who takes matters into his own hands and delights in bossing around the boss. Sound familiar? It should – we saw this before when it was called “Damages: Season 1”. The editing is even bad – certain shots are clumsily pasted together and clearly show the actors were not engaged in a live exchange during filming (wasn’t he mid-laugh and wearing glasses a split second ago??). Not to mention dragging out has-beens like Goodman, who hasn’t worked since being the dad on Roseanne. Among other things, this series is quickly becoming the place where washed up actors go to die. The series really has lost something this season. I had to stop watching during the second episode, it was so ill-conceived and poorly stitched together. I highly suggest these actors, a few of them talented, immediately seek work elsewhere and jump from this quickly sinking ship.